• FilterChef Mini - For Bacon Grease

Particles out...Flavor in:
Want to know the secret to professional chefs?   Well, Bacon Grease Can't be beat when it comes to adding flavor to your favorite recipes. What if you could not only safetly store bacon grease but re-use it in any array of tasty recipes? Well, now you can... with the remarkable FilterChef Mini. Now everyone will want to "Bring home the Bacon!" The FilterChef Mini even comes with its own Mini-Recipe Book!

Each FilterChef-Mini comes with a FDA Grade Stainless Steel Canister, Filter Cup, Stainless Steel Wiremesh Filter, Instruction booklet and Mini-Bacon Grease Recipe Book.   

The Non-Drip, Double Lined Lid:
Convenient Non-Drip, double lined lid holds the Filter cup while you spoon bacon drippings from the canister into your favorite recipes. The FilterChef's easy-grip design makes opening and closing a snap.

The Nylon FilterCup also comes with one (1) easily replaceable, washable Stainless Steel filter. To replace filters simply unscrew the bottom and pop-in a new filter. 

Stainless Steel Canister:
The attractive FDA Grade brushed Stainless Steel Canister holds 3 cups (24oz) of bacon grease which is about 12 pounds of cooked bacon. The canister also has a No-Slip bottom which makes it safe and secure on any kitchen countertop. No more unsightly jars! (Approximately 5" diameter x 4.5" high.)

The FilterChef Mini is completely dishwasher safe and comes with a 100% Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your FilterChef Mini product, return it within 30 days for a replacement or refund.

Easy to Use:
After eating, simply poor your used Bacon Grease into the FilterChef Mini canister. It uses a Stainless Steel filter and removes the large particles while leaving the small tasty treats for your drippings. No more pouring leftover Bacon Grease down the drain, ruining the environment and your plumbing, or filling the trash and your countertop with messy cans and jars. It has No moving parts, needs NO batteries or electricity. Replacement filters are a snap to use and replace. It's FDA Grade and completely dishwasher safe. Each canister comes with a recipe book with many delicious ways to re-use your Bacon drippings. It holds about 3 cups of Bacon Grease (~ 12 pounds of cooked bacon). Comes with one Stainless Steel filter which is re-usable/washable.

Caution: Be careful when pouring your bacon grease into the canister as your grease may still be hot and can cause burns.

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FilterChef Mini - For Bacon Grease

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