Frequently Asked Questions

How does the FilterChef device work?
Simply pour your used cooking oil into the canister.  The unique device uses a single, FDA-grade cloth filter to remove any impurities and filters particles down to approximately 15 microns at a fraction of the cost fine restaurants spend on their oil recycling systems.  Your cooking oil is now ready to reuse over and over again.

What makes cooking Oil go bad (rancid) and why is the FilterChef a better method to store and re-use your oil?
Oil breaks down when it comes in contact with Light, Air and Water.  The FilterChef canister eliminates these factors and stores it in a perfect environment.  In addition, original store-bought containers of oil never reach high frying temperatures and thus are susceptible to bacteria growth.  The FilterChefdevice when used regularly and recycled back into the frying pan and brought up to high frying temperatures, will reduce the chances of bacteria growth when compared to original store-bought containers.  Therefore, using this device as compared to original store-bought containers is a much preferred method to store your oil.  Oil also breaks down when subject to extreme temperatures over and above the recommended frying temperatures (smoke point).  If oil exceeds its smoke point we recommend that you replace your oil.  If your oil starts to foam or smoke prematurely then we also recommend that you replace your oil. (Please refer to your specific cooking oil directions to ensure your oil never reaches the smoke point as different oils have different smoke points).

Will the recycled Oil smell or taste like whatever I cooked in my last meal?
Oil is basically odorless and tasteless.  Particles left behind in the frying pan is what holds the associated smell and taste.  If you remove the particles you remove the smell and taste.  The unique filtering system removes particles down to approximately 15 microns (human hair is approximately 100 microns) thus removing the smell and taste of what was cooked prior.  A 15-micron particle is so small it is invisible by the naked eye.

What is the FilterChef made of?
The FilterChefproducts are made of strong FDA-Grade stainless steel and Heat resistant Nylon. Our soft rubber-like grip on each lid is made from soft and durable Santoprene material and will not break down when exposed to oil or bacon grease. Santoprene is durable, heat resistant, non-latex, slip-resistant even when wet, and completely dishwasher safe.

How does the FilterChef products “Save Oil, Save Money and Save the Environment”?
The FilterChefproducts will help you save your oil/bacon grease by allowing you to recycle it instead of throwing it down the drain or in the garbage. By using the FilterChefproduct regularly you will conserve and save over 70% of your oil consumption thus saving oil and money. Furthermore by conserving and reusing your oil/bacon grease you are helping to save the environment. No more throwing oil/bacon grease down the drain soiling your pipes or filling landfills. Now the only oil/bacon grease you will use will be the amount that is naturally absorbed in your food.

How often do I need to replace the Filters?
FilterChef (Original Oil version):
You may replace your filters every time you use your device however, it isn’t necessary. We recommend that you replace your filters every 14-15 days. If your filters become clogged simply turn the Filter Cup upside down and gently tap it on the edge of the garbage can to remove most of the filtered particles from the Filter cup. When the Filter has too much particles remaining in the Filter Cup or the Filter doesn’t drain properly then the Filter needs to be replaced.

FilterChef-Mini (Bacon Grease Version): These Filters are made of FDA-grade Stainless Steel material. These filters are intended for multiple uses. To wash filters, gently use soap and hot water or put the FilterCup (with filter securely inside the FilterCup) into your dishwasher and wash with your other dishes. Be carefully not to puncture the filter with sharp objects such as knives or forks as this will damage the filters. 

Is the FilterChef dishwasher safe?
Yes, all of our products are 100% dishwasher safe.

What is FilterChef return's policy?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with a FilterChef product, return it within 30 days for a Replacement or Refund. FilterChef further warrants each product against defects in workmanship and materials for 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of the defective component or the entire product at FilterChef's discretion and is the sole remedy of the warranty. This warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty must be made via an authorized FilterChef retailer, or thru our website. Proof of purchase is required. Consumer is responsible for shipping costs under a warranty claim.